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Thanks for visiting my press page.  I created this so that you can grab all the info you might need about me/my projects in one page.  You are welcome to copy/paste anything you like from this page.  Credits are always appreciated.

How can I help you?  My experience is mainly personal finance, and building/selling startups.  This includes cash flow management, credit and debt reduction strategies (i.e. best ways to pay down debt, best credit cards, best ways to borrow and when not too etc). From the business side, I am quite familiar with tech start ups, corporate structure, the importance to retaining equity, their challenges, etc.

Bio (Short)

Rick is a Personal Finance Expert, Best Selling Author of the The Financially Independent Millennial and Co-Founder of Surplus Academy, a community dedicated to offering practical, financial advice to readers seeking financial independence.


It doesn’t matter if you make $50,000 or $150,000 a year.  Unless you consistently spend less than you earn, you’ll never get ahead.  -Rick Orford.

Bio (Long)

Rick is a Personal Finance Expert and the (International) Best Selling author of The Financially Independent Millennial.  

He has a proven track record as a respected, influential business leader, and brings a proven ability to translate vision into reality.

Born and raised in Canada, Rick is both fluent in both English and French and is currently working on his Italian. He’s an energetic business person who values honesty and integrity.

Rick’s 20+ year background in tech startups, M&A, and in the board room allows him to best meet the needs of just about any type of client- whether they are  sophisticated investors, entrepreneurs, or even celebrities.

Rick started his career very young, and by the age 35 he had sold his companies and became financially independent.

Rick’s latest endeavour is The Surplus Academy – an online community that helps folks achieve Financial Independence. This might seem like a an impossible goal, but, it’s definitely possible!

Rick is currently living in Modena, Italy and when not thinking about business, he loves travelling, technology, cooking, and wine.

Financial Blog

Surplus Academy is a community helping people create a monthly surplus.  You will find articles about personal finance ie. credit and debt reduction strategies, cash flow planning (budgeting), business & side hustles, etc.

My Book

Do you want financial independence before you turn 40?

The Financially Independent Millennial shares how one regular Millennial (just like you) became a millionaire by the age of 35!

Warning: reading this book and following the advice within can result in a 7-figure net worth!

Discover the steps (known only by the financially successful) to becoming financially free:

  • Learn how being broke can teach you how to be wealthy;
  • Find out how to buy and sell real estate for a profit;
  • Discover how to build and sell a business;
  • Learn about the process of investing in stocks;
  • Understand the smart way to borrow money;
  • Learn how to examine – and improve – your cashflow;
  • Figure out how to put yourself on a budget;
  • Discover how to cut expenses and build a surplus account;
  • and much more!


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Of course, feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.

My email is rick at rick orford dot com.